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Thank you!

Sorry, not a question. Just a quick thank you for all the great work you do! very happy to support you through this premium feed.

1 day delay

Hi, I just signed up for the premium feed and I'm receiving the episodes with 1 days delay. Today I got the one from 27th. What might be wrong? Best, Johan

Know how

I really love the ease of use of your super cast. I am managing a couple podcast overseas in Hungary and would like to create the same for our podcasts can I please ask you how is this done or what company you used to set this up for you? Thank you in advance for your help.

Do I unsubscribe to the regular podcast?

Have been tuning in to your podcast daily for awhile now and love it so I’m here to support! Since I have now subscribed to the premium feed, does this mean I can unsubscribe to the regular one?

shared use

Hi, My girlfriend and I who live together both listen to your podcast together. sometimes we don't have time to listen together and will listen on both of our devices. I just paid for the yearly subscription but was wondering if there was a way that allowed her to have access on her own device, like say with our Spotify family plan. or is the only option here is to buy a second account just so she can listen to it occasionally as we often listen to your podcast when we are on a drive somewhere together. Thanks, Andy